I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve known how. I’ve never claimed to be a master of the skill, but others seem to think I have a decent grip on it. I’ve always enjoyed the solidification of ideas which comes from purging one’s thoughts onto a page, and the fact that an arrangement of letters and punctuation marks can result in the transmission and spread of ideas with poignancy both intimately or en mass.

I won a couple of awards at school for creative writing and my English subject results seemed to indicate that I was competent, however, until recently I’ve not felt I’ve had anything of great enough importance to say that would make writing a book a justifiable exercise. But in 2015 a working trip to Madagascar changed that and, without even the slightest of foreplanning, resulted in a book which I can say I am now very proud of due to the nature of its important message.

The trip clarified much of the turmoil which was prevalent in my life at the time and caused a change in careers for me. But it also awakened in me a desire to share some of my hard-gained life experience, knowledge and perspectives, and educated me in the avenues of publishing available to most people today.

Portraits of Madagascar is my first (almost accidental) venture into being an author, but the process of creating a book has inspired me to create at least a few more. Portraits of Madagascar – Volume II is almost certainly an inevitability, and I would very much like to see the “Portraits of…” theme grow into a larger collection over the years. I would also like to produce at least a book or two sharing my insights into photography.

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