Travel has always been an interest and a passion of mine. My work as a photographer was both inspired by this desire and also lead to the eventual change in occupations away from shooting into a full-time career as a tourist guide. The circumstances and reasons behind this move are too many and too complex to go into here, but the transition came as a result of the story told in my book, Portraits of Madagascar. 

It is, however, apt to mention that my work as a teacher of photography, my natural fascination with the world and in gaining and sharing knowledge thereof, lend themselves well to the humble occupation of guiding, and I find that tourism as a whole can and should be viewed as a vehicle of education and enlightenment and that it can also be conducted in manners which facilitate connections between people of different backgrounds and cooperation in working towards positive changes in the world.

Having obtained my guiding qualification in 2016, I am proud to currently be part of the team of a South African based tour operator who is rapidly growing both in reputation and in operations. It is by honing my skills close to home that I hope to one day be able to offer meaningful travel experiences and affect change in various locations around the world – particularly in Madagascar, which is a country close to my heart – and in other Indian Ocean destinations.